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Aerial Video Production

Here’s another way to make your company stand out from the crowd: Aerial Video Production. For companies that have large scale products and projects, aerial video (and photography) can really help to convey scale and scope. In most video, we’re accustomed to seeing the world from one perspective—from the ground looking up. Until recently, the only way to see the world from a bird’s eye perspective was to hire a helicopter and expensive camera gear. Advances in both remote controlled aircraft and photographic equipment have changed all that.”Today we can bring our highly portable quadcopters just about anywhere,” says Bighouse Productions President Doug Hadfield. “With built-in GPS and our nerdy first-person flight goggles, there really are few limits to what we can shoot or where we can go. And now we can deliver really unique, breathtaking footage for companies that want to stand out from the crowd, at a fraction of the price they would expect.”

Check out our latest Aerial Video demo reel by clicking on the image below: