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Pepsi takes video interactive for World Cup

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure stories back in the day? I’m sure they’re still around, but it seems like a lifetime ago that I read one. Well, now a company called Interlude has made the same possible for online video. Pepsi has used Interactive’s “Treehouse” technology for their latest 2014 World Cup ad, which really is more of a short film with a storyline that viewers can edit with the click of a mouse button. Want the hero of our story to talk to the cute girl on the bus? Click. No? Ok, don’t click. Want the hero to stop and kick the ball around with a “footy” legend? Click. Or not. If you click, the (phenomenally well filmed and edited) video transitions to the new cute and clever scene. If not, you move on.

If it all seems a little gimmicky, well it is, but that won’t stop it from being used in all sorts of creative ways. Interactive advertising has huge potential for advertisers both large and small, but since the usual barrier to entry—cost—is also a factor in this instance, this may remain the domain of large. That said, it’s free to try for personal use. So maybe we’ll give it a go.