Rice Chiropractic
Goal: Create video, articles and photography for promotion and SEO

Rice Family Chiropractic is a quickly growing chiropractic practise based in Langley, BC. Owners Dr. James Rice and Dr Erin Rice found that much of their new clientele was coming from internet searches so they hired Bighouse Productions to produce video, photography and copy for their website. The video shows the both the company and the Rice family, including a hilarious blooper segment at the end. The copy consists of regular articles written about health, wellness and chiropractic from their holistic point of view.

Bighouse Productions works closely with each and every client on every video, regardless of size or number of employees. Our first goal is to understand your needs and your brand; we then work with you to create a plan and project outline so that the scope of work is clear. We create a project tracking document for every project so that you know every step in the process and have as much input as you wish.

Find the Rice Family Chiropractic video at www.ricechiropractic.ca.