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Testing some new techniques

I’d often wondered how some videographers achieve the unusual effect whereby the subject in a video (usually a music video) appears to move with in fast motion, with a speedy twitch, as if their movement had been sped up, while their lips move along with the song at a normal speed.

My intuition told me that it had something to do with performing to the camera in slow motion—at half the normal speed—then speeding up the video by 100% later. The reverse effect could also be achieved by performing at twice the speed and slowing the video down by half. To make a short story longer, we thought we’d give this a try with the catchy tune “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. My daughter Maia performs. We recorded two versions of the song, one slowed by 50% and the other sped up by 100%. Then Maia performed the song at each of those speeds. What a trooper: imaging singing that jaunty tune at double time over and over till you can string together the words. It’s harder than it looks!