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Creating Video With “Legs”

One of the more annoying things you’ll encounter when creating a video is a video that has no legs. Like any product or service you buy, a video should provide value for money. It should serve its intended purpose. And it should be effective for long as intended, which is usually as long as possible.

“You’ve got to write the first video with the second and third iterations of that video in mind,” says Todd Anthony, VP of Investor Relations with First Majestic Silver. “When we first created our videos several years ago, we knew we wanted them to have legs. The great thing was that we did get a few years out of each of the videos we created, but also that the updates were inexpensive and painless.”
Bighouse updated three of the four videos created for First Majestic Silver recently. The total time required was approximately one week, including updates to animation, titling and motion graphics.

If you’ve created a video that appears to be out of date, there’s a lot you can do to mitigate an expensive update to the video. For example, rather than doing a complete reshoot of the video, it’s often possible to simply re-record a voice over and substitute the voice over for the dated parts of the video, with “b-roll” video clips on top of that. This technique for updating videos is commonly done, and can save companies a lot of time and money.

Click play on the video above to watch an example of one of First Majestic Silver’s recent updates. Note that the video speaks eloquently about the La Encantada Project but lists few specific numbers or dates. The company should get a few more years out of the video with few, if any, required changes.